Reupholster your Chair in No time

Chairs and couches are the only types of furniture whose upholstery get worn of easily and early as it is the only part of the furniture that is used the most. And if we don’t maintain it the way we are supposed to, it accelerates the process of wearing off. And when at the end whole upholstery is destroyed it starts to look like a black sheep of the herd. And then comes the time of repairing and redoing the chair upholstery. We can either get it done by the professional or can do it on your own by following few simple steps.

Repairing or replacing chair upholstery:

For the replacement of chair upholstery following are some of the things that one might require
Marking pen
Some size measuring device
Staple guns and staple
Fabric glue
Sewing machine
Nail pliers and nails
Fabric that needs to be applied
Once you have gathered all of the required stuff the next thing you have to do is follow all these simple steps

Removal of worn off cloth:

Remove the nails with the help of nail pliers and remove the cloth that is on the underside of the chair. Make sure not to tear any off this will help you make the measurements for the new cloth easily. And also when you tear off the fabric the left off pieces will be difficult to remove. Use scissors to remove the chair upholstery at seams. Also, save some of the strips to measure new cloth.
Replacement of batting

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Once all the chair upholstery is removed, then come the step of removing the batting. Most of the times when cloth gets worn off the batting behind it also go through the same. So it’s better to remove it as well and attach a new one. But before that also look for the springs that need to be replaced or check for the webbings and any part that needs some work or replacement. After that apply a fresh piece of batting on your chair.

Arrange new cloth:

Cut the cloth pieces for new chair upholstery with the help of using the old one. Measure it properly and cut it the same way old one. Cut 2 inches more than the original size it will help you handling the cloth easily and would provide some of it to apply staples.

Application of chair upholstery

Hold tight those already cut pieces of fabric against the chair frame and staple it in place. Make sure there are no loose ends left. Apply as much staples or fabrics as you can to make sure it will not get loose. Secure all of it well and make sure to apply staples at the point where they can be covered.

Apply welts:

Apply welts of the same size of previous one. Apply west to cover the areas where staples are present. Also apply a cloth on the underside of chair cover it completely. Staple it correctly and apply fabric glue to attach the extended ends so it might not look weird.
After doing this you have your all new chair upholstery replacement done and your chair is ready to go with your furniture.

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