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Effects of Global Warming on Glaciers and Seal Levels

Global warming is a phenomenon which can be best described as the overall increase in the temperature of planet Earth’s atmosphere. This is due to many reasons, including excessive CO2 emission, CO emission, production of other harmful gases, cutting down of tress, urbanization, the lack of new plantation, disproportionate industrial waste and discharge among other things.

One of the biggest dangers of global warming is the fact that it is causing the glaciers to melt which itself is a huge problem but it also gives birth to new problems that all need a comprehensive solutions. We will be talking about some of these problems in this article including the melting of glacier.

Effects of Global Warming on Glaciers and Seal Levels

Glaciers Melting due to Global Warming

Perhaps the biggest indication that global warming is a serious problem is that even though glaciers exist on all continents except Australia and on all latitudes, they are all showing signs of melting ice and the average water level around them has increased. The glaciers in European Alps have lost about half of their volume in the last 150 years or so. Similarly, the glaciers in the New Zealand Southern Alps lost 25% of their surface area during the last century.

So you can see how melting of glacier is not only diminishing the beauty of these majestic creations but also diminishing the fresh water reservoirs of our world.

Sea Level Rising Due To Glacier Melting

The biggest problem melting of glacier raises is the literal rise in the overall sea levels at many places in the world. So much so that there are now lists of seas that are under threat of submerging. According to some estimates, there are a few cities and regions on course to partial or total submersion in the next 50 to 100 years.

This can become a huge problem as it will force millions of people to relocate to someplace else as well as being a terrible burden on many of the world’s economies. However, if we control our global warming and take drastic measures as a species to protect the planet, this may well not happen.

Cities under threat by Rising Sea Levels

Below is a list of cities most at risk from rising sea levels according to, if you city is on the list, it is all the more reason for you to care about global warming.

  • Guangzhou, China
  • Mumbai, India
  • Kolkata, India
  • Guayaquil, Ecuador
  • Shenzhen, China
  • Miami, USA
  • Tianjin, China
  • NYC, USA
  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • New Orleans, USA

There are plenty of others cities in the world in danger so everyone should do their research on this topic.

What we can do to Combat Global Warming

Following are a few steps everyone can figure out for themselves to combat global warming on their own.

  • Use recyclable materials and make sure they are recycled
  • Plant trees as they absorb CO2 and produce oxygen
  • Don’t cut trees because see above
  • Use environment friendly vehicles and don’t use cars when not required
  • Deploy energy efficient heating & cooling systems, ask HVAC Specialists for your choices about this
  • Reduce CO2 emission as much as you can


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