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How to Search for the Right DWI Lawyer in Texas

The recommended method to find the best DWI lawyer is to search online in Justia. Here you can get access to their official website and get the contact details. You need to provide the factual information about the DWI case booked against you. There are two probable instances when you contact the lawyer. You could be innocent (sober while driving) and wrongly implicated due to the negligence on part of the officers. You could be guilty of drinking while driving, but the nature of offense could be non-fatal. There is also a third possibility in which you have caused serious injuries/ manslaughter in the DUI accident or caused significant property damages.

Need to Utilize Justia Services

In this section you can read about the need to utilize the services of Justia DWI lawyer in the first two probable instances.

  • There is a possibility of mistakes in the breath and blood tests conducted by the officers within the station premises after you have been charged of DUI. This is assuming that you remained sober during driving. In such cases you need to contact the Houston lawyer within 24 hours after being charged or imprisoned. The first rule you need to remember is not to refuse the tests, but to keep them pending until you have contacted your lawyer. This will actively eliminate the probability of booking any criminal cases against you. The second rule is to avoid making statements to anyone in eh station (official or otherwise) about the incident. Once your lawyer has contacted you, you, you can provide him with the details and get your breath, test and blood test in his presence. The results will naturally prove your innocence. The lawyer can convince the officers and get you released without any charges. If the officers refuse, he can present your case in the court of law and get you fair judgment based on the evidences.
  • If you are involved in first time Dui and the nature of offense is not considered as serious, the lawyer can help in reducing the fine and suspending the imprisonment sentence. He may also try and save your license from being suspended. If the DUI has resulted in any minor injuries to the others, he can arrange for negotiations with the plaintiff and his attorney. Here you should be prepared to pay the compensations for the injured after negotiations.

Find the right DWI Lawyer for your case

Essentials of National College for DUI Defense

The National College for DUI Defense is a non profitable organization involved in education the public about the harms of drunken driving. After being founded in 1994, the organization has played a vital role in independent testing for DUI under license from the state and federal governments. The impartial results could help in saving innocent drivers from being framed for DUI wrongly.

Role of DUI lawyer Houston Texas

The role of DUI lawyer Houston Texas is considered to be critical in fighting your case in the two probabilities discussed above. You can hope to get the best possible services from them at anytime.

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