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16-inch pizza stone

Pizza is one of the most modern and most favorite foods of a majority of the world population.  Though it originated in the west, it has slowly moved throughout the world, and we can now say that almost every person in the world would have tasted a pizza at least once in his lifetime and you bet millions are just addicted to pizza and who just cannot live without pizza!

16 inch pizza stone Of course, such is the taste and flavor of the pizza.   Years before, Pizzas were prepared only in the bakeries and pizzerias.  People were baffled and wondering how such a delicious thing was developed, and they had to order it and wait for the delivery man.   But the days have changed now.  People have started making pizzas at their own sweet homes.  Ordinary people have become expert pizza chefs!

There are very many varieties of stones.  They come in different shapes, different sizes and different thicknesses, different colors and so on.

A 16-inch pizza stone is one of those varieties and a favorite to many such home chefs.

You can make pizzas at your homes using the Brick Oven 16-inch pizza stone.  It is a round pizza baking stone.  The very stone is designed to suit the established and classical methods.  Justly so, it can absorb the moisture while you do the cooking.  And because of this fantastic quality, the effect is the result, and that is the distinctive and delightful crispy crust.

The 16″ pizza stone is made of a material that is a ceramic stone which favors even heating of the stone all over for the sake of a balanced baking because of the crust.  This lovely 16″ pizza stone is capable of baking not only pizzas but also pastries, bread and many more foods in your household oven.

This 16 inch pizza stone could be safely used up to 500 degrees F, and hence it performs well enough with a lot many baking applications.

Moreover, this 16 inch circumference makes room for most regularly made pizza sizes. This brick oven pizza baking stone must be only washed by hands in order to keep it in perfect working condition. This brick oven 16 inch round pizza stone makes it possible for you to bake maximum number of different sizes of pizzas.

16 inch pizza stoneThe ceramic stone body enables the stone to distribute the heat evenly throughout the stone and thereby to the pizza, which gives it an out-of-the-world taste and crust.  It also helps in absorption of moisture which is also one of the reasons for that delightful, mouth watering crust. The 16″ pizza stone performs equally well whether it is pastries or bread or baked goods or pizzas.

It can be safely handled in the oven even up to a high of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. It has to be only hand washed.  You just have to chip off the pieces that are sticking to the stone and wipe it off with a wet cloth, and that are it.  It is ready for the next use.

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Top Features of Oven Pizza Stone

The physical properties of Thermarite used in oven pizza stone determine its functionality for baking the best of chicken pizzas in your kitchen. Some of the critical properties to be considered are the density, hardness, moisture absorption, tensile strength and thermal conductivity. Resistance to stress in the form of flexibility is another key factor which helps prolonging the life of oven pizza stone.

Density of Oven Pizza Stone

  • The average density of Thermarite is said to be 2GM/CC. The distribution of particles within this zone is uniform in nature. When the stone gets exposed to heat, the particles start vibrating at a specific frequency. As the temperature increase, the vibration frequency also goes up. This is said to be responsible for the transmission of heat from one section of the stone to the others.
  • When the maximum oven temperature is reached, the stone stops getting heated further. At this saturation point, the particles start absorbing heat. They can retain this heat within their structure as long as the temperature within the oven remains constant at the maximum set level. This heat retention is directly proportional to the density of the material.
  • The retained heat could go higher than the average temperature within the oven. When the dough is placed on the oven pizza stone and processed further, the heat gets transmitted into the layers of the dough from the stone. The internal heat of the oven at the pizza top gets absorbed and it travels in reverse direction. The combinational effect of these two sources bakes the pizza. Hence the oven pizza stone made from Thermarite is recommended.

Hardness of Oven Pizza Stone

Excess hardness of an oven pizza stone can literally diminish the baking speed, crispiness and the quality of the pizza. Hence company CastElegance has come out with a stone which has optimum level of hardness. At a value of 6 on the scale, this material is moderately hard. Hence the tensile strength of the material is also maintained at optimal levels. These two factors help in heat retention and thermal transmission property of the stone.

Moisture Absorption of Oven Pizza Stone

When you place the dough mixed with the chicken fillings and toppings, the heat from the center of the dough starts spreading along its radius in horizontal and vertical directions. As the dough and the ingredients get heated, they start eliminating the liquids they hold. This gets absorbed by the vast number of pores on the oven pizza stone. This helps in the formation of crispy crust all over the interiors of the pizza.

 Tensile Strength of Oven Pizza Stone

Thermarite has a tensile strength of 3,500PSI on the scale. Hence the stress resistant characteristic of the stone is higher. You can place the stone within the oven for extended time without making it wilt under stress. This value of tensile strength is also enough to protect the pizza and the stone itself when the moisture stone starts absorbing moisture. You can explore more of the characteristics belonging to the oven pizza stone once you start using it in your home.


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