Art of Producing Perfect Dr Excuse

The art of producing dr excuse needs no sense of creativity or talent. You need to be smart enough to use the templates from the internet. Download the template, edit the content, format the text and take a print. Then you can get one of your family members to sign the dr excuse and present it to your company when you return to work. Your boss surely won’t mind giving you few days off, when you have proved your mettle in many of the previous projects taken by the company.

Dr Excuse for 7+ Days of Absence

dr excuse note
According to the generic company and employment law, the employee needs to submit a written /printed letter from the authorized physician to prove your ill health, if he is absent for more than 7 days. You can obtain the dr excuse from online resources.

  • You may find many types of templates for dr excuse online. Of course it is not possible to use all the formats in your office. So you need to download the .PDF file, convert into word processor document, edit and print. Then you can save the template and use it for future.
  • All the details have to be filled by someone whose handwriting is similar to that of a general purpose physician. This can help in making the dr excuse look genuine when printed on paper.
  • The details of illness has to be accurate and in detail. For example assume that you have faked fever in your office today. Then you need to search for types of fever, probable causes and symptoms in detail. Now it becomes easy for you to make the dr excuse personalized to your need.
  • Once you have entered the details of your personal life, you can mention the company name, address with your working details. Now you need to tick some check boxes specified in the form for providing additional info on your sickness to the doctor.
  • In the next step you need to fill in the details of your fake illness. It is better that you do it in the form of a tabular structure with three to four columns. The first column is for the illness name. Second column is meant for symptoms, third one for causes and the third one for treatment and medication. Always choose only one illness in one form.
  • The nature and intensity of illness you choose should be curable within a limited time. This is because your employer may not like to keep your services, if you keep falling sick frequently. If you wish to opt for one or two extra days off, you could add post treatment recovery procedure and the time requirement. Then you can save the template in the form of a word processor document file and save to your pen drive. This can be used to take a print by making a few changes into it (if required).

dr excuse

Elements of Dr Excuse Note

  • The dr excuse note you crate needs to be printed on A4size page. Hence you need to set the page properties accordingly. Choose high quality paper and print the dr excuse note.
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