Activities avoided during pregnancy

Be aware of any activities that may put you at risk of losing balance. Your center of gravity changes as your belly grows, so you are more likely to lose your balance. By avoided these activates you can easily lose pregnancy weight.

 This means you have to postpone the following sports, as you are pregnant; gymnastics, gymnastics, water skiing, horseback riding, or surfing. These sports also put you in the danger zone for falling on your belly, which may hurt your baby. Because of the possibility of falling, avoid tennis or cycling if you do not get used to it.

After the second trimester, many health experts advise you to avoid driving the track on the road. It is advisable to ride a stationary sports bike as a better option. Avoid violent jogging that may strain your joints or back. The risk of miscarriage or having a child also increases with congenital defects.

Avoid water slides and most recreational water sports, as violent landing, sudden acceleration or slowing may hurt your child. Studies have shown that exposure to high temperature during the first months of pregnancy will increases the risk of birth defects. Therefore, it is advisable to stay away from sauna and Jacuzzi baths. To protect yourself from thermal blotting, drink plenty of water and do not exercise in a very hot or humid atmosphere.

Do not swim in water at 32 ┬░ C or above. Always listen to your body when you exercise, relax or stop if you feel tired or you are not okay.

After the 16th week, do not exercise, which requires lying on your back with your legs up, such as abdominal exercises because the weight of the uterus inflated may press on one of the main blood vessels in your body to feel dizzy or fainting.

If you have not practiced sports before, do not start suddenly with exhausting exercises now. Instead, introduce sport into your daily life gradually and slowly. Talk to your doctor if you are practicing a new sport for the first time during your pregnancy. Remember that most sports are safe during pregnancy and good for you.

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